This is the blog of Lemuel Jones A. The best friend, lover and husband of Jennifer as well as the father and playmate of 2 beautiful girls. (As well a pastor of His local church in NYC: www.worshipandpraise.net.) This blog is not the expression of but the pursuit of being a better husband to my wife. Only God can give happily, ever after so our pursuit is happily, daily after.

I don’t consider myself to be a marriage counselor more so a marriage architect. 🙂 My focus is laying the foundational ideas that makes marriage work and not necessarily the daily details that make it work. If you follow my “blueprints” for marriage, your marriage should have an outstanding chance of longevity and fulfillment and details will work themselves out. I make that claim because I’m not a secularist; I’m a pastor who loves the ideas of God (as revealed in Scripture) and draws inspiration from how God, through Jesus Christ, loves His Bride – the Church.  You and I can truly benefit from the study of this divine relationship. The daily issues and challenges of marriage can be managed once we get the spirit of marriage (and our individual roles within it) as revealed in Scripture. Of course folks like Dr. Gary Chapman and Pastor Mark Gungor along with those that I turn to once in a while (check out your resource page) validate, educate and clarify some of my thoughts on marriage and relationship. (Though all posts are original, the ideas are as old as Adam.)

Living with someone, even how much you love them, is challenging. But at the end of the day, it is how you live with yourself that will determine how you live with others. Any accolades in your marriage or the failure of it will be your legacy. And will be because of how you lived. We can only give what we live. There is no separating it. If you’re a good man, you will be a good husband. If you’re a good woman, you will be a good wife. The Bible clearly tells us this phenomenon: what’s in secret will be brought to light. Your personal, spiritual life and views of living will be reflected in your relationships. So work on you. And it is my hope that you use this blog as one of your resources.

Comments, advice, questions, or suggestions are coveted and highly appreciated. Thank you for your time and support. We love you and cherish with you the God-given marriage that you have! Here’s to your years of fulfillment and success, in Jesus’ Name! Have a happily, daily after!

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  1. This is an amazing site; it’s filled with practical step-by-step guide to a healthier, happier marriage. I know my marriage and many others have been helped greatly because of this site. Please continue blogging as many couples out there struggle with achieving a truly happy marriage. God bless you.

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