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My Charge To Rowland and Angela

This weekend I was privileged to not only be witness to but officiate the incredible, memorable and incomparable wedding of my childhood friend, Rowland, to his beautiful bride, Angela! The four day wedding celebration was a study in family, friendship, commitment and love. Jennifer and I, along with everyone in attendance, were exceptionally treated to … Continue reading

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Keep Your Love Young

Remember those days in high school when young couples were stationed against the wall making out? Gross! Right? Then there’s that gnawing sensation that you wished you were on that wall or some wall making out, too. Youthful love (or lust – whichever church you grew up in) is some sweet stuff! Makes you do … Continue reading

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Never Never

One of the most profound, life changing words of wisdom I ever heard about relationships was spoken by my then girlfried, Jennifer, who is now my wife. On one of our many drives back and forth between her house and mine, I turned to her and asked the question that most boyfriends (and girlfriends for that matter) ask … Continue reading

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