Here We Are World

A week before my 36th birthday, Jennifer, my wife, set out on an hour drive to some part of New York with her sister. I’m normally a bit morbid when I think of what can happen to me, my family, or anyone else when moving about the Big City and that day was no different.

Like dreaded premonition, I thought of seeing Jennifer for the last time. I’ve seen too many tragic accidents and freak incidents that reminds me that life is fleety and short. I often think of horrific historical events and the family interviews (in those sad documentaries) that speak of not being able to kiss their loved one or say goodbye to their babies for the last time. I, for one, don’t ever want that in my memory should something like that ever happen – so I’m a bit over dramatic with departures.

I held on to Jennifer. I kissed her face, pressed my nose on her neck and took in her aroma. I looked into her eyes and I told her I love her. Holding on to her tightly, I kissed her goodbye. She gave me a flying kiss and a wave as she and her sister drove away then it started.

For the next few hours I tweeted marriage tips and thoughts beginning with my first tweet: “It doesn’t take too much time to look her in the eyes and tell her you love her #workinghusband” That night I created and my twitter account And now, this blog.

By the way, she came home fine. And I still am a little bit morbidly cautious.

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