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Between Loving And Leaving

The beauty of marriage is the compatibility of our differences. Like puzzle pieces, the different shapes and sizes are essential for a whole picture. No matter how many pieces there are in a puzzle, finding how the pieces fit together is both the challenge and the reward. What may be a mound of chaos becomes one beautiful … Continue reading

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Psalms 23 Husband

Everything I ever needed to learn about marriage is found in the Bible. One of the most effective tools about marriage life that I’ve ever come across with is “Role-Reading” the Bible. I was still single when I spoke to a new husband about role-reading the Scriptures. The idea is simple: read the Bible in your … Continue reading

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The Captain and His Relation “Ship”

Every ship needs a captain that knows how to navigate the waters especially when it’s a relationship. The captain of this “ship” must understand that the sailors on board the ship are counting on their captain to bring them safely to their destination. This safety-first thinking comes from the realization that at the end of … Continue reading

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