My Declaration

Marriage is about personal growth. No matter what book you read or which mentor you follow, the health of your marriage succintly lies in your own ability to grow. Longing for your spouse to become better should be a mirror reflecting your need to love them in their inadequacy and imperfections. Your desire to have your spouse become more loving, is a chance for you to investigate his/her language of love: it is most likely that he/she is expressing love in ways that you don’t understand and are not accustomed to rather than not loving you at all. If the individuals in marriage would become more pursuant of personal growth, marriages would be less inclined to fail. I believe failure in marriage speaks more about the lack of desire in either one or both parties to become better than it is about their inability to see eye to eye.

With this in mind, I have attached to this entry a declaration statement that I will be presenting to my church family this Sunday to read. It is not necessarily about marriage but it is pursuant to the man/woman who Christ has made us to be in this life. The declaration is based on my current series, “Life Issues“, where I deal with … you guessed it, issues of life such as love, anger, envy, forgiveness, etc. This declaration is about growth and growing. Whether it truly makes sense for this entry, I am not too sure :-), but I believe that if we even come close to becoming the person we are declaring we are, then our marriages will abound in health and fulfillment.

Let’s speak of it:

God has granted me peace in life. He has given fullness of joy for my sorrow. He has blessed with more that what I need and continues to give me the desires of my heart.

God has granted me freedom from the affects of a deceiving heart that I may not be snared by its affections and lust. He has placed in me a clean heart and has purified my thoughts.

God has granted me the power to overcome all the ills of my past and the dread of my future. He has lovingly restored what has been taken from me and continues to nourish me with grace for my offenders and forgiveness for the offenses.

God has granted me the insight into life’s dealings that I will not be caught unawares from any debilitating affects of crisis and circumstances. His Word is my compass that I use to navigate pass the ill-effects of life’s ups and downs.

God has granted me the capacity to carry the load of my life here on earth. He will not suffer me to undergo life’s altering events without them being allowed or planned by Him to use for my growth. Everything in my life is in His Hands and therefore I am safe.

God has granted me the vision of my outcome. As long as I am surrendered to Him, I will not fear what man shall do to me, what life may bring me or what the fallout of my own mistakes may be – because He will make it all work out for my good.

God has granted me acceptance of my own mishaps, misfortunes and irresponsibility. He has placed in me the strength to get up from where I’ve fallen. By His Spirit, I don’t have to be what I’ve done nor live where I’ve failed; I am a new man daily.

Now I declare that all things are subject to me by the Spirit of God. That at the Name of Jesus: I am victorious over the issues of my life; I am free from the curse of my past and threat of my tomorrow.

Now I declare that I am healed. My mind is renewed and my spirit is free. There are no more chains binding me. I am who He says I am! I am a child of God!

Now I declare, though I will continue to face life’s issues, I am not bound to respond the same way I have before. The love of Jesus constrains me: I am more loving, more forgiving, more merciful and more benevolent.

Now I declare that I can live my life altruistically – not requiring an equal response for the good that I will do. My life is hid in Christ and His eternal reward is the only reward for me.

Now I declare: I am changed. I am delivered. I am whole! No matter my past, no matter the future, my life is glorious because He is my glory and the lifter of my head!

Now I declare that because Jesus has made a difference in me, I can be the difference maker to others. As I have been delivered from the internal turmoil of my life’s issues, I am adequately prepared to lead others to that same liberating power.

Now I declare that my mission in life and purpose for living is to be a reflection of Christ to my world. Whether I abound or I’m abased, His Will is perfect for me – and It’s all that really matters. I am chasing no other thing but to be like Him. Amen!


So what do you think? Did this entry inspire, educate, or is worth sharing? Comment below and let us know. Thanks and God bless!

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